About Founder

Hi there, I’m so happy you’re here!

My name is Kate Ayers and I am passionate about storytelling, running, food and farming.

I grew up on a cow-calf and cash crop farm in Central Ontario and attended the University of Guelph. I was a member of the varsity field lacrosse and cross country and track teams. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.
I am now a middle and long distance post-collegiate athlete based in Victoria. I fund this endeavour by writing as a freelance agricultural journalist.
I strive to connect and relate to all of life’s athletes and those looking for a dose of motivation, inspiration or entertainment. I broach topics with an intersectional lens of sport, environment, health, food and farming.

About Blog

Through storytelling, relatability and compassion, I strive to resonate with readers by writing stories about relevant, applicable and timely topics that will help you reach your athletic goals while enjoying the process. Topics that are near and dear to my heart include, RED-S, recovery, mindset, farm features and food! This site is created by an athlete for athletes.

About Business

Authentically CommuniKate is about connecting with, inspiring and empowering my clients while helping them effectively share their why to organically grow their businesses through storytelling.
I love everything about content creation – from start to finish – and am excited to hear how I can help shape your story and brand to have the impact YOU want.



I promise to always deliver original content that reflects real-life situations and the ups and downs of the journey (not just the highlight reel). I will stay true to my values professionally and athletically.


I strive for excellence in every project and endeavour. We are all on a journey of growth and self-improvement, where the pursuit of perfection only limits us. I will always do my best to reach your expectations through an iterative process that involves collaboration, creativity, professionalism, and passion.

Hard work

My high school’s slogan was “hard work brings good rewards.” That saying resonated with me as an athletic farm kid and has stuck with me. Nothing worth having comes easy and so whether I’m at the track or my desk, I work hard and efficiently to get the job done.


I value being honest with you and myself while adhering to strong moral and ethical principles.


The saying “Better together” will always ring true. This site is a safe space for people of any race, ethnicity, gender and religious belief. I have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. I am committed to actively valuing and recognizing the contributions, presence and perspectives of different groups of people.


I strive to maintain an open or growth mindset over a fixed mindset. Remaining curious allows you and I to enjoy the work process through boldness, innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box without the fear of judgement or failure.